Hermès Scarf: Knotting Tips and Tricks

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Hermès Scarf

There is nothing more effortless than an Hermès scarf worn every which way. French women have it down. They toss it, knot it, twist it, and voilà — instant “Je ne sais quoi chic-ness.” But don’t fret! You, too, can achieve this look easily! Just follow these simple instructions for my favorite styles. I wear my scarves all summer long; on my bags, as belts, halter tops, tank tops, head wraps, skirts, you name it! They are so light and easy to travel with, so I never leave home without them. Check out all of these easy summer looks! At Hermès for $460.

Hermès Scarf

This is, by far, my favorite way to wear a scarf. It’s really easy…just crisscross the top, wrap around your neck, pull the bottom tight and wrap around your waist. Simple, yet so sexy! Pair it with white, wide-leg pants, and you’ll be smokin’!

Hermès Scarf

I love wearing my scarves as belts. It’s so easy to throw on a white t-shirt and white jeans, and add a splash of bright color without too much thought! The last thing you want to do while traveling is “think” about your clothes. Bring a collection of scarves with you, so you can just toss, twist and go!

Hermès Scarf

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Trick to Authenticate Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves Fast

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Thorough authentication of an Alexander McQueen scarf can be complicated and requires inspecting logos, tagging, edges, design details and overall pattern. However, for iconic Alexander McQueen skull scarves, there's a nifty trick that can tell you if that skull scarf is a real or fake Alexander McQueen FAST.

Alexander Mcqueen skull scarves

This trick applies to the most iconic Alexander Mcqueen scarf, the classic skull scarves. These are the thin fabric (silk chiffon or modal/cashmere blend) Alexander McQueen scarves with solid skull patterns.

Alexander Mcqueen skull logo brand

Take a look at the Alexander McQueen logo on the scarf. It is in the same color as the skulls or near the same color as the skulls.

Alexander Mcqueen authentication trick

Now, hold this area up to the light! As shown above, on an authentic scarf, the Alexander McQueen logo stands out differently compared to the rest of the scarf. Whereas on a fake scarf, the logo will blend like the skulls and the rest of the scarf. Quick and easy, right? And, most fake skull scarves will not pass this trick!

If you ever come across an Alexander McQueen scarf at a secondhand store, be sure to put this fast easy trick to the test!

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Have You Seen PV’s September Giveaway? A Free Louis Vuitton Scarf With Your Replica Bags!

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Soon summer will come to a close, but Club Couture: PV wants to help you face the fall with one of these fabulous leopard print Louis Vuitton replica scarves! All September they’ll be giving away these beauties, and all you have to do to get one is be a member of Club Couture and spend $75 on replica bags or anything else at PV.

Becoming a Club Couture member (that’s PV’s official club) is very easy and very rewarding! Signing up is free and only takes a minute, and doing so makes you eligible for exclusive deals on the hottest replica bags and monthly giveaways like this one!

This Louis Vuitton replica scarf is the ideal way to stay sexy this fall – don’t miss out! Just add it to your cart before checkout and use the coupon code you get when you sign up for Club Couture (existing members will receive it by email). And most importantly, get out there and enjoy the rest of summer while it’s still here!

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