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Looking for an everyday office bag that looks stylishly fine with your wardrobe? It looks like this newest minimalistic-designed Prada Buckle Leather Tote is a heaven sent then.

As minimal as it is, the buckle straps add a modern twist to the overall look. And they’re functional as well – the buckle straps can help you tighten your bag and protect the essentials in the interior. And even tough they look a bit large on the picture, it’s also because the bag is a small-sized accessory.

Made from genuine calf leather, this Prada Buckle Tote is perfect to bring around in the office as it can hold most of your personal essentials and non-essentials. With its generous interior, you can easily put your iPad, make up kit, and wallet inside.

This bag features steel hardware, which impeccably matches its durable leather. It also has a double leather handle for easy hand carrying and a detachable adjustable leather shoulder strap so you can effortlessly transition it from shoulder to across the body carrying.

The interior is well structured, it has two inside pockets, including one with zipper closure to keep your things safe and sound.

Measuring 33 x 25 x 15 (L x H x W) cm and is priced €1600 euro, £1380 GBP via Prada boutiques.






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The Prada Galleria Bag is back and it looks better than before! Who would have thought that a comeback could look as beautiful and glamorous as this one? Ladies, hold your horses, breathe deeper as the Prada Star Moon Gallaria Bag is here to make you believe again in love at first sight.

Made from the finest Saffiano leather embellished with golden star and moon appliques, this bag is the star of the show. Sporting a cute baby pink color, this bag definitely adds a touch of youthfulness! Imagine if Barbie is real, she will certainly own this Prada Star Moon Gallaria Bag.

This bag features a double leather handle perfect for hand or elbow carrying, and a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap which makes it accessible for shoulder or cross-body carrying. Aside from that, it also has a snap closure on sides to maximize its space.

This pink beauty also has a lot to offer when it comes to compartments since it has two outside pockets with zipper closure, three inside pockets, including one with zipper closure.

Measuring 24.5 x 16.5 x 11 (L x H x W) cm and is priced $2710 USD, €2200 euro, £1850 GBP via Prada boutiques.




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Be your own kind of beautiful every time you go out on evening dates and what better way to complement your style than to pair it with a vava voom bag? Ladies, if you are the type who are unpredictable when it comes to bag choices, the Prada Chain Mesh Bag might be a good idea for you.

This Prada beauty adds a tough-luxe touch to your otherwise elegant and chic ensemble. The perfect color to match it with? It’s an easy peasy Little Black Dress.

Now before you get too excited, let’s go to the bag details shall we? It has a chain and leather shoulder strap and a snap-clasp fastening for no-frills access. Looking inside, it also features a satin lining and an internal slot pocket.

Measuring 7” x 6.5” x 0.5” (H x W x D) inches and is priced $2260 USD, €1950 euro, $3250 AUD, $17550 HKD, ¥278000 JPY




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Prada just released new adorable bags including totes. You see, dark colors like black should be your next hunt, because they match to the fall and winter seasons.

These new Prada’s are made from fabric, a very strong and reliable material. For the design, tiny sequins have been implemented to create stars, trees and flowers.

What’s more? The collection consists of clutches, drawstring bag, large totes and small totes. The totes come with long straps to carry around your shoulder.

The prices range from $1550 USD, €1400 euro, £1120 GBP for a small tote to $1880 USD, €1700 euro, £1370 GBP for a large tote, available via Prada e-store or boutiques.

Well, enough talking. Check out the details below.





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Couple weeks ago, we shared a picture of the Prada Saffiano Mini Tote. Perhaps you might think it was just a prototype or a joke, but no – we were dead-serious.

Take a look at one of the smallest designer bag on this planet, made from Prada’s famous saffiano leather and so small that a few fingers are enough to carry.

Is it practical?

Yes, but not as an everyday bag.

Is it useable?

Yes, how about your evening dates and party nights, use it as a small bag or sophisticated a clutch.

It’s so cute that you won’t get enough of it – love it, care it and put it next to your bed like a little baby.

It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, with a mini tag that is too large for its size. The original Prada logo is embellished on the front center.

Measuring 14 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm (L x H x W), available in either black or red, for $890 USD and €600 euro’s at Prada e-store.




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We Are Doubling Down on the Brand-New Prada Bag

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The piece: Prada Double Bag

Why we want it: There's not much that will take our laser focus off New York Fashion Week, but an alert that Prada launched a completely new bag shape caused us to stop and take notice. So, what's different about the new Prada Double? It's exactly what we'd want in a statement bag that we'll take with us everywhere, every day: it's substantial yet lightweight, and that internal divider is key to keeping contents organized. Plus, the minimal construction — hand-covered buttons and a new metal name plaque are the only additions — makes it timeless, so we can bring it in and out of our closets for years to come.

The only hard part is deciding on a color. The new tote's leather exterior and nappa interior come in tone-on-tone and contrasting palettes, but the colors themselves run the gamut. Should we go with basic black, bold blue, or a luxe caramel? See them all below, and then help us decide.

Prada Double Bag in Fuoco
Prada Double Bag in Caramel
Prada Double Bag in Cuir Noisette

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