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Recently Dior keeps surprising us with new and unique bag pieces; they’ve actually stepped outside their comfort zone, neglecting the traditional rules. From the Cannage Stitching in solid colors to Diorama Bag in multicolors. Brace yourselves for the next high fashion accessory, the J’Adior Bags are here.

There are two J’Adior bags that instantly caught our attention. First would be this J’Adior Flap Bag with Chain Strap. A true epitome of a bag with a confident attitude, this flap bag is like no other. It comes with a J’ADIOR signature, a slot handclasp for effortless hand carrying, and a detachable aged gold-tone metal chain which makes shoulder and cross-body carrying such a breeze.

The second J’Adior Flap Bag on the other hand comes with an adjustable wide shoulder strap and aged gold-tone metal J’ADIOR signature. This bag can easily be transformed from a regular clutch to a gorgeous shoulder bag. From afar and up close, this bag of a gem never fails to look absolutely stunning. This design is quite unique, because you wouldn’t know that this clutch bag could change into a shoulder bag.

P.S. J’Adior is a clever way to say I Love Dior because J’Adore means I love.

J’Adior Flap Bag with Chain
Size: 25 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm
Prices: €2250 euro, £2300 GBP, ₩3,900,000 WON

J’Adior Flap Bag with Shoulder Strap
Size: 23 x 14.5 x 5.5 cm
Prices: €2000 euro, £1800 GBP, ₩3,100,000 WON










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This newest Dior Blue Denim Espadrilles looks like a dream come true, no wait, they look like they were sent from the heavens. Yes, they’re that beautiful that we have a hard time believing that they’re here to take the espadrille fever by storm.

Featured from the latest Dior’s Cruise 2017 Collection, these espadrilles are slightly different. If you compare them with the original version that we are been used to, you’ll notice that this one features an extra sole underneath, which makes them look sporty and stylish at the same time.

Not only to look fabulous, but these soles are done with purpose. You see, it’s an extra layer of comfy – making it painless to walk for hours while shop and spreeing.

This embroidered denim espadrille slip-on with the Dior logo is inspired by a romantic, floral look that combines the art of embroidery with the cool shades of celestial blue. This shoe perfectly blend an espadrille and a slip-on with the addition of a notched sole for a better comfy feeling.

Featuring a white notched rubber sole and a 2 cm heel and is priced at €650 euro, £610 GBP, ₩1050000 WON via Dior boutiques.dior-blue-denim-espadrilles-2







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Spring-Summer Lady Dior Ad Campaign

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dior_ss13-lady-dior-ad3First impression? Gone are the scenic locales Marion Cotillard frolicked in for her previous outings for the Lady Dior. This time, it’s set in a studio with new season bags plonked onto stands. It’s as stark and as literal as it gets, the main focus of the entire exercise set squarely on the iconic handbag.

And that’s nothing wrong with that. At the very least you’ll get to see the various variations (and sizes) S/S13 will bring in all their full glory, with Marion playing second fiddle. Don’t get me wrong. Marion is beautiful, but sometimes, just sometimes, we should let the original lady shine.

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What is Dior doing?

Where is Dior going?

Last week, we sat down together and talk extensively about the new Dior Panarea Tote Bag and how it changed from the old and what details have been changed, you remember?

Then we asked the community for their opinion, we published two images: the Dior Panarea Tote old version and the Dior Panarea Tote new version. So how did our community respond?

Many fashionista’s preferred the older version and one woman said: ‘The new Panarea Tote looks like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag, and I already got one Neverfull’.

Now I am baffled and thinking by myself: ‘was it a gamble or did they asked their fans whether it’s a good thing to upgrade the Panarea Tote or not?’

But anyways, let’s keep the facts together. I want to share a conversation I had with Azreen, one of our friend and community member:

Message 1: ‘Alex. I was in Paris & Rome few days ago, the old version of panarea is no longer in the boutique’.

Two and a half months ago, we were told that Dior boutique was still selling the old and the newer version of the Panarea Tote. I guessed they made a slow transition and the ultimate goal is to sell the new Panarea and discontinued the older version.


The purpose of this post was to share some life-pictures of the latest and the newest Dior Panarea Tote. Though we shared some juicy model-pictures last week, I belief they are not good enough. What’s better than a real picture with no special effect and no photoshop.

Oh yes, and if you need the prices, please go to Dior Panarea Tote Details.




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Cruise Lady Dior Ad Campaign

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dior_cr15-lady-dior-campaign2Back for her 5th, 9th, 125th campaign (frankly, I lost count) for the French house of Dior is Marion Cotillard, who has for many seasons embodied the spirit of the luxury label’s most iconic of handbags, the elegant and poised Lady Dior. And in her latest campaign for Cruise 2015, she is seen roaming the streets of Paris by night, taking a nocturnal stroll on the city’s famed Pont Alexandre III, a bridge that pans the Seine.

And while my elders will give you a million reasons on why you shouldn’t be running around in the middle of the night with bags that glimmer ever so invitingly in the moonlight, that is precisely the premise of this campaign, especially with the Lady Dior bags from the Cruise 2015 collection all adorned in the most metallic of finishes, from a beautifully quilted lambskin rendition in stunning copper (the colour, not the metal) to another in distressed silver (again the colour, not the metal). There’s even a gorgeous ‘floral’ one in an abstract print in just the right amount of colours that’s no less attractive as well.

I will hopefully be posting more on this collection at a later date, with more bags from the Cruise 2015 collection along with SLGs and other fine accessories, and their prices in SGD. For now, just enjoy the campaign, but remember. Unless you’re Ms Cotillard, don’t be wandering on bridges in the middle of the night.

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Last week we shared an unfortunate message – ‘Ladies the Panarea tote Bag is no more’. We had received news from the SA that they were going to discontinue the Panarea Bag and the ones that were still in stock were the last pieces.

But what the heck! The updated version of the Panarea Bag was not even loved by everyone; most of the Dior fans loved the previous-style. The previous style was thicker, quilted and softer. The new style was flat.

READ: Dior Panarea Tote Bag discontinued

So Dior decided to stop the production of the Panarea Bag, maybe because it was not a success. Maybe…maybe… but we have an existing story to share with you. The fashion house has just released a new bag and it’s the Dior UltraDior Bag (Yes, the Ultra and Dior are stitched together).

Let’s be fair, when you look at the UltraDior, what do you see? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, it looks quite a lot like the Panarea Bag, doesn’t?.

Here’s what Dior is telling: ‘it’s combined with elegance and practicality, the perfect shopper with practical lining all along the zip fastening. Super comfort especially when you carry it on your shoulder. It features topstitched Cannage motif which is both supple and resistant, crafted from calfskin, refined with Dior charms, it’s an everyday essential’.

Measuring 33 x 28 x 13.5 cm, priced at £1450 GBP and €1800 euro.



The differences between Dior Panarea Bag and the UltraDior bag…


Dior Panarea Bag (discontinued)

So what are the differences? The UltraDior is squared, it features long chain handles for carrying on your shoulder. The DIOR charm on the Panarea Bag matches to the color of the bag, the DIOR charm of the UltraDior is different. Both bags are designed with the new-modern Cannage top stitching motif. This kind of design is well known for its durability.

The Dior Panarea Bag has two sizes: medium and large. The medium is sized at 35 x 29 x 17 in cm while the large size is measured 40 x 31 x 18 in cm. The medium was priced at €850 euro and large size is €950 euro.

So what’s the conclusion? The Dior Ultra Bag is made more luxurious and therefore more expensive. The price is €1800 euro versus €850 euro for the large size of the Panarea Bag.

So what do you think?

UPDATE 28 March 2016: The UltraDior Bag is currently not available in the United States.





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