Céline’s Fall 2017 Accessories Include Some Gorgeous New Mini Crossbodies and Tons of Great Wallets

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Latest Obsession: The Céline Sangle Shoulder Bag

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Sometimes I know a bag is great from stock images, but usually I need to see a piece in person to really know whether or not I connect with it. After all, stock images can be deceiving in both good and bad ways–well-taken images can make an average bag look luxurious, and poorly taken images can make a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship look average, and maybe even cheap. In person, though, all is revealed.

While helping my best friend look for the perfect non-traditional wedding look last weekend, I found myself in the handbag section of Barneys, as one does. She and I have similar taste in bags (for example, on this particular day, we were both carrying medium-size burgundy top handle bags with crossbody straps), and our attention turned to the Céline Sangle Shoulder Bag. She had considered getting one when she bought her last bag, and although I’ve always liked the bag in photos, this was my first experience with it in person. I was impressed.

The new version of the Sangle is particularly good because of its versatility: the bag comes with both the wide, short webbed wool strap the bag has always had, which is perfect for one-shoulder carry and distributes weight well–ideal for a sizable work bag. Starting this season, some versions also come with a thinner, longer crossbody strap in leather, which amplifies the already super-functional bag’s versatility and opens it up to consumers interested in a slightly more casual option on the weekends.

In all, the Sangle is a perfectly discreet work bag that looks expensive and luxurious but doesn’t scream a particular designer’s name at the top of its lungs, and the ample size, multiple interior and exterior pockets and interchangeable straps make it a solid choice for anyone looking for a good bag to take to the office. I didn’t have one on hand to try it, but I bet it would even fit a small laptop.

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Yesterday we featured the Celine Spring Bag Collection and naturally, the fashion brand also made an ad campaign. Daria Werbowy is again on the front screen. Flash, flash! It’s all natural.

You can keep staring at these beautiful pictures, or we can start talking about handbags. You know, let’s talk about bags.

If we are allowed to select a seasonal handbag for you (A Celine bag of course), then that will be… the latest Ring Bag. This handbag looks quite boxy on the model picture, crafted with traditional elements like flappy wings on the sides. It got elegant curvy handles and a ‘slide-in leather on the front to carry like a clutch.

I love the way how Daria carry it, slide your hands through the handles and then to the leather strap on the front, just like holding a white pillow.


It doesn’t come very often, but meet Celine’s fanny pack, it’s called the ‘Bum Bag’. It’s gorgeous – it’s chic, minimalistic, I love the white with golden hardware and the strap goes beautiful like a ‘belt’ around your waist.

This week we will be talking more about Celine’s Seasonal Spring Collection, and of course, we will be posting everything about the details, like the prices and so on.






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What’s In My Celine Trio Pouch: Yao Yao Essentials

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Because the Celine Trio Pouch is so famous, we wanted to do a full review about it. And so, we catch up with Yao Yao, a fashion blogger from the Netherlands. She heart the Celine Trio Pouch so much that she decided to purchase two pieces of it. Please share!

What was the first designer bag you bought and tell us about your experience?
My first designer bag was from Gucci. It was a light pink Gucci handbag. Super girly and super cute. I got it from my parents. I was super excited, since it was my first designer bag. I was so happy, I felt like if I was the happiest girl on earth.

How did you discover the Celine Trio Bag and why was it a ‘must have’ for you?
I discovered the Celine Trio Bag while I was reading fashion blogs. I saw a lot of bloggers carrying a Celine Trio Bag and I fell in love with it. Love the simplicity of this bag. It also has three separate compartments, which is what I like. It really keeps my stuff organized.

When did you buy it and what was the price at the moment?
I bought it a few weeks ago. The price of this bag is at the moment EUR 650.

Why did you picked the color ‘pink’?
Pink is one of my favourite colours. When I saw this bag, I thought by myself that’s a really gorgeous colour. I have to try it out. So, I went to the mirror with it and thought that this colour actually looks good on me.

Do you use the Celine Trio Bag as an everyday or occasionally and why?
Occasionally, because of the bright colour. You have to match the right clothes with it. Otherwise it will just look weird if the colour combination doesn’t go well with each other.

Yao Yao’s bag essentials:
1. iPhone
2. iPhone EarPods
3. Lipbalm
4. Lipgloss
5. Wallet
6. Keys

Can you tell us a bit more why these are your necessities?
When I’m on my way, I always listen to music. That’s why I always carry my phone with EarPods. My lips tend to be a little bit dry, so I always carry a lip balm. Just in case I need to buy something, I always carry a wallet with some money in it. And last but not least, they keys. Trust me, never forget to take your keys with you. I’ve been there waiting couple of hours in front of my house.


What is the most important thing you look for when purchasing a brand-new designer bag?
I just ask myself one question. Will I still like this bag in the future (about 5 years later)? That’s why most of my bags are classic bags.

Any other fashion advice?
Just wear anything that you think looks good on you, not just because it’s in trend right now.


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Céline: French Luxury

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If It-status on both the runways and the streets isn’t reason enough for you to fall in love with French luxury house Céline, I’ve got four more reasons that’ll have you lusting after it!

1) Céline’s aesthetic Philo-sophy
Céline’s Creative Director, Phoebe Philo, who was appointed in 2008 after her time in Chloé, redefined the brand’s aesthetic. She drove high street crazy over her sense of minimalism and functionality that worked like a charm on and off the runways. Love the Cabas, Luggage, or Classic? Send your thanks to Philo – she pioneered them all.

2) Céline designs set industry trends, over and over again.
The appearance of the Luggage, Trapeze and Trio was a huge and long-standing source of inspiration and influence for the industry, with bags (both designer and non-designer) of various price points flooding the market.
Despite the countless “inspired” bags, the real and original Céline still stands out like no other, which nicely leads us to my next point…

3) It’s all in the details.
A stylemeister with a true discerning eye knows that a bag doesn’t have to be drowned in obvious monogram and logo hardware or fabric that fight with the rest of your outfit for attention. Céline knows discreet sophistication best, and their finely heat-stamped Céline logo on most of their bags show just that.

4) It-girls love It-bags
Whether it be a fashion editor, blogger, or model of the moment, anyone who has finely tuned fashion senses is sure to have more than one Céline in her wardrobe. If it isn’t, then it’s probably in their wish list. Cases in point: Jenna Lyons, Rachel Zoe, and Kendall Jenner.

Loving Céline so far? I’ve got three of my favourite bags for that perfect long weekend getaway coming up!

– Cruise Collection
3apr image1
All aboard! Cruise for some serious style control when you pair your Belt bag with tropical drinks, lounging, and lots of sunshine. The chic and minimalist design goes perfectly with a played down palette and light flowing textures.
Shop more from our Cruise Collection here.

– Café Hopping
3apr image2If the idea of light brunch at a quaint café tickles your fancy, then a café-hopping trip out with a Cabas would be your cuppa tea. Team it up with velvet slippers, a boxy white top and a pair of relaxed drawstring trousers for the perfect #OOTD shot.
Shop more from our Café Hour collection here.

– Countryside Chic
3apr image3
The worldly fashionista doesn’t just travel to the fashion capitals – she knows and appreciates the beauty of nature too. Let the Tie join you on your countryside adventures as you dress it up with clean, crisp linen shirts, khaki shorts and sandals.

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Celine Handbags Spring/Summer 2016

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The French leather luxury goods label Celine presents the new Spring/Summer 2016 handbags collection featuring designer holdall, cabas and bucket bags in vegetal calfskin and the latest version of its iconic Phantom, Trapeze and saddle bags in smooth calfskin or lambskin and many other accessories with signature details of the brand.

Ultra-modern with a touch of classic and traditional yet unique concept, Celine always has its distinctive features when it comes towomen’s luxury designer accessories. To foresee the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 the French fashion house brings various lines of handbags, including the iconic luggage Phantom bag which comes in striped textile and embossed croc leather, bucket bags in supple canvas, lambskin and calfskin, cabas, saddle, sailor, basket, belt bag and many other must-have handbags crafted from refined materials with several color options to choose.

Celine Modern Bucket Bags

Celine Holdall & Bucket Bag Spring/Summer 2016

To complete your everyday wear the next spring/summer 2016 season, the luxury brand introduces various lines of bucket bags in some unconventional designs. Among the breathtaking accessories are the vegetal calfskin medium holdall in black with honeycomb stitch detailing (€2.000), twisted patchwork design small cabal in black natural calfskin (€2.500), and the iconic large bucket bag in black refined vegetal calfskin and soft washed beige canvas (€1.600), perfectly effortless yet functional elements with simplicity touch to bring more essentials in well-organized way.

To brighten your look within the joyful moments of the holidays seasons, see also the new Dolce & Gabbana Mary Janes Shoes 2016 Collection.

Celine Zipped Twisted Cabas Bag Spring/Summer 2016

Characterized by simple modern design, Celine also comes up with small twisted cabas made of luxury shiny smooth calfskin offered in two color options; white with almond green and navy with dark green (€1.500). As alternative, you can also opt for fabulous shiny smooth calfskin zipped twisted cabas in navy and brick red (€1.700) to complete your daily look with a sporty yet spirited attitude.

Celine Luggage Handbags

Celine Mini & Micro Luggage Handbag Spring/Summer 2016

Another favorable designer essential of the brand for women is the latest arrivals of luggage or top handle bag which comes in mini sized version (€2.700) in navy blue smooth calfskin featuring interstice detail. As alternative to the mini, you can also pick the micro (€2.450) in multicolored almond green, black and taupe baby grained calfskin and nubuck.

Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag Spring/Summer 2016

Celine Luggage Phantom & Ring Crocodile Handbag Spring/Summer 2016

Luggage Phantom is also one of the most favorite accessories among fashionistas, this iconic chic bag comes in well-proportioned medium size and is available in three style options; white and navy striped textile (€1.550), dark blue and white striped cotton canvas with baby grained calfskin leather insert while the other is in navy embossed nubuck (€2.300), as seen on the previous collection this elegant handbag has zipped pocket at front with leather tag details. As alternative, the brand also presents a designer small ring bag in shiny natural black crocodile leather with lambskin lining (price upon request).

Here to see the latest Nano Lady Dior Bag Collection – The Timeless Elegance of Mini Design.

Celine Trapeze Bags

Celine Trapeze Bag Smooth Calfskin Spring/Summer 2016

The iconic classic Trapeze handbag has two different options; unique, practical small trapezium-shaped bag made of supple calfskin in navy blue with grey, black, red and blue vertical striped cotton woven at front (€1.450) and medium Trapeze in crafted in marine blue and navy smooth calfskin (€2.100), both models are enriched with classic metal hardware in gold finished tones with engraved Celine logo at front.

Celine Mini Belt Handbags

Celine Mini Belt Handbag Spring/Summer 2016

The charming belt bag of the French luxury fashion house for the upcoming season comes in mini-sized design featuring two distinctive fresh colors and materials; one in almond green baby grained calfskin while the other is in navy blue calfskin with satin trim detail in contrast fuchsia (€1.750).

Celine Medium Sailor Bags

Celine Medium Sailor Bag Spring/Summer 2016

For Sailor, this classic and retro-inspired bag is available in medium size featuring two different distinctions; opulent stud embellished handbag in tan or navy blue natural calfskin with adjustable leather handle (€1.500) and the Sailor in tan and brick natural calfskin with cord top handle (€1.500).

Don’t miss also the Chic Ladylike Guides for Holiday with Gucci Women’s Cruise 2016 Collection.

Celine Cabas Phantom Tote

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Spring/Summer 2016

This practical chic tote is offered in two different models; the medium with tassels in marine blue smooth calfskin (€1.500) and the small with belt in navy nubuck stamped crocodile leather (€1.400).

Celine Large Basket Bag

Celine Large Basket Bag Straw Weaving Spring/Summer 2016

A flawless item to complete your beach holiday essentials in the warm sunny days, made of high quality natural straw weaving with black and white calfskin, this basket is an exceptional accessory for the upcoming hot season (€2.000).

Celine Saddle Bags

Celine Medium Saddle Bag Spring/Summer 2016

Celine Small Saddle Bag Calfskin Spring/Summer 2016

Defined by a retro-inspired chic with versatile structure, you cannot miss the medium smooth calfskin saddle bag available in black or light burgundy (1.750). As for the small version, you can choose between classic chestnut natural calfskin (1.450) and burgundy embossed crocodile leather (price upon request), both are enriched with glam antique metal hardware in gold finished tones.

Update your wardrobe also with the New Louis Vuitton Capucines Handbags Holiday Collection 2016.

Celine Trotteur Bags

Celine Small & Medium Trotteur bag Spring/Summer 2016

As for the Trotteur, this iconic round flapped shoulder bag is presented in small and medium styles. The small version (€1.300) has two distinctive tones; vanilla and dark taupe baby grained calfskin while the medium (€2.000) is available in almond green and tan Palmelato calfskin, both are featuring adjustable cross-body or shoulder strap in matching colors. As another option you can also opt for the symmetrical bag in chestnut natural calfskin with adjustable shoulder strap (€1.500).

Celine Classic Handbags

Celine Medium Classic Handbag Spring/Summer 2016

As its predecessor, the newest Classic bag of the brand is distinguished by its simplicity in elegant structure. Celine exclusively presents the Classic in medium size with three different color options; green almond box calfskin, wood almond box calfskin and cool marine blue goatskin (€2.800).

Those are among the designer handbags proposed in the new Celine Bags Spring/Summer 2016 Collection we shared at www.fashionbashon.com with the price list and feature details to update your accessories closet of the upcoming hot season. Dedicated exclusively for the festive holidays, discover and shop also the latest bags, jewelries, shoes and other fabulous ready-to-wear pieces of the French fashion house

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