Kristin Cavallari Uses a Chanel Tote as a Baby Bags

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Here’s Kristin Cavallari carrying her baby Camden and a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (or the Chanel GST, for Chanel fans in the know) while heading to lunch in LA. This classic Chanel bag has been around forever – I just assume everyone who was ever on The Hillshas one in their collection, as they were a fairly Chanel-obsessed bunch. They probably would’ve never guessed back in 2006 that they’d one day be stuffing their Chanel bags with diapers and little Tupperware containers of Cheerios.

On a related note, I wonder if celeb moms will ever lose the leather jackets and embrace the baby sling. Sure, it obscures a good half of your outfit, but then your baby isn’t made anxious by paparazzi advances and other stimuli that come along with being attached to a someone of a certain amount of noteriety. (That’s pretty much everything, right?) I have yet to see a single celeb mama go whole hog and just wear their baby. It’s possible that Chanel or Louis Vuitton will 

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Oprah Winfrey is an Unexpected Mulberry Fan

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IT’S OPRAH! Oprah has been making the press rounds over the past week, giving interviews to networks and magazines which she does not own willy-nilly, which is rare for Oprah. Here she is leaving the CBS Morning Show studios, where she was promoting her new movie, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, carrying a lovely white leather Mulberry Willow Tote. Fun fact: that envelope front pocket detaches to become a clutch! Thus the purpose of the seemingly extraneous yet very functional zippers, which give it a nice contemporary pop. You can get Oprah’s bag in black for $2,600 at Net-a-Porter.

As you probably know, Mulberry bags are generally prized by young, twiggy British “It” Girls – the Alexa Chungs of the world, and those who want to dress like them. But while Oprah may stand a tad outside of Mulberry’s most visible demographic, the Willow is a great choice for her, as it’s definitely one of the brand’s most refined styles. It’s polished and neutral enough to go with practically any look.

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Headed to College or Grad School? Here are All the Tech Accessories You’ll Need

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Even though my last days on campus at the University of Georgia were as recent as 2008, a lot has changed, technologically speaking, in those intervening five years. My little flip phone, which was by far the preferred cell technology of college students at the time, had a battery life that my current iPhone can only dream of and so much exterior plastic that a case would have been redundant. Most of my classmates, who received their laptops at the beginning of their college careers in 2003 or 2004, couldn’t bear to lug those eight-pound behemoths around campus and settled for pen and paper, thus we required no laptop cases. An iPad wasn’t even a thing yet, not by a long shot. Going to college or grad school now requires a whole host of tech accessories, though, so we’ve stepped up to help 2013′s new and returning students with a guide to the season’s best tech accessories.

Below, we’ve assembled a group of ten products that will do everything from protect your laptop to keep your iPhone charged, and then some. If you want to use some of these pieces for non-school reasons, well, we can’t blame you. iPad cases are remarkably similar to clutches in some ways. In that spirit, we’ve tried to include attractive, well-made items that can be used beyond the classroom – after all, isn’t that a good way to get some bang for your accessories buck?

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Introducing Moreau Handbags

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If Hermes’ continually increasing profitability and Louis Vuitton’s recent shift toward capitalizing on its history with more high-end, all-leather products is any indication, the ultra-high-end leather goods market seems to have a nearly infinite hunger for heritage goods, and French heritage in particular. To help meet that voracious need for fancy purses, 19th century French leather brand Moreau has relaunched and its bags are exclusive to Barneys in the US.

French design and craftsmanship have always been markers of quality and status in fashion, and that’s why those brands are having such a moment right now. Not only are high-end western costumers constantly looking for something more special, limited and expensive than those behind them who are looking to keep up with the Joneses, but consumers in the burgeoning Asian markets seek out heritage goods as de facto indicators of their newly high social status. Because those Asian markets have become sophisticated more quickly than most, a flashy logo bag won’t do the trick; consumers are increasingly looking for pieces that are exclusive, handmade and include a sense of history on their price tags.

That’s where Moreau comes in. Originally founded in the mid-1800s in France, the brand has been revived, at least in part, to capitalize on its origin story. (There is, after all, only so much heritage to go around. It’s a non-renewable resource.) The brand’s limited, rather simple collection of bags will all be made in France, by hand, in Moreau’s saddlery. The look, as you might expect, recalls some of Hermes’ basics, but in a good way – classic, functional styles that whisper about their pedigree instead of shouting. If you’re the kind of woman whose friends’ closet are already full of Hermes and you want to pick up something new that they’ll actually ask about with curiosity, perhaps one of these Moreau bags is for you.

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Florence Welch Totes Dolce & Gabbana in NYC

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Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine fame) was recently spotted rushing to catch a taxi in NYC with her snakeskin Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag. As you can see, Florence has a pretty eclectic, vintage-infused personal style – the Miss Sicily isn’t really a bag I would expect to see her with, but I suppose the lure of the exotic python was just too great. You can get a more everyday Miss Sicily in black textured leather for $1,995 at Net-a-Porter.

Florence tends to favor slinky, yet textural gowns from Italian designers like Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Valentino for her red carpet looks, while Erdem, Anna Sui and Kenzo are top picks for slightly more casual events. Basically, the girl loves bold, outrageous prints – the more outrageous the better. And what’s more outrageous than python?

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The Chloe Baylee Bag Has Arrived

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Beginning in the days of the famous Paddington and Silverado bags, Chloe has carved itself out an interesting little niche in the handbag business. In that time, three different creative heads, all female, have been at the reins of the brand, and they’ve all overseen the creation of bag after bag that fits perfectly into the ideas that so many women have about what they want to carry on a casual day. None of the bags have made quite the splash that the Paddington did (Phoebe Philo is an impossible standard to which to hold others), but the Paraty, for example, has been around since I graduated from college and still sells incredibly well. By the looks of it, the Chloe Baylee Bag will be the next heir to that lineage.

The Baylee debuted in several sizes and colors on Chloe’s Fall 2013 runway and immediately generated a lot of interest. The bag is simple and casual in the way that Chloe’s most successful bags tend to be, but the details are rendered in interesting, modern ways that make it feel fresh. In this case, the hardware is the real show, and the contrasting between the bag’s body and its navy shoulder strap and handles calls a lot of attention to where the two meet. At those points, you’ll find bales and hinges that create the illusion of detached or floating handles and straps, which is, to be blunt, pretty damn cool.

The look is one of minimalism through concealment – the normal attachment rings are hidden behind the attachment points of the handles, and when you carry the bag by its strap, the extra length at the ends should more or less obscure the attachment from one side. That same strap is adjustable in length through exposed hardware, but the only externally exposed part is a long, sleek gold bar – all the rest of the work goes on underneath the surface. Aside from the hardware choices, the back of the bag is rendered in the same navy leather as the handles, which will be a relief to anyone who’s ever color-transferred indigo dye from their jeans to the back of a light leather bag. If nothing else, it’s hard not to appreciate all the careful consideration that obviously went into this bag’s details.

Chloe’s got another handbag hit on its hands, if sales are any indication – the first delivery of this bag sold out in about a day at Net-a-Porter. When it comes back in stock, it’ll be $2,250 via Net-a-Porter.

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