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(Left) H&M Sweater with Appliqués, Ankle-Length Pants and Leather Ankle Boots (Right) H&M Faux Fur Jacket, Embroidered Mesh Dress, Slim-Fit Pants High Waist and Warm-Lined Boots(Left) H&M Sweater with Appliqués, Ankle-Length Pants and Leather Ankle Boots(Right) H&M Faux Fur Jacket, Embroidered Mesh Dress, Slim-Fit Pants High Waist and Warm-Lined Boots

As the weather cools down, H&M looks ahead to the winter with its new trend guide. Called ‘Modern Eclectic’, the fashion shoot stars models Vanessa Moody and Alanna Arrington. The pair head to the beach in cozy layers including padded jackets, chunky knit sweaters and cropped trousers. Paired with long scarves and leather boots, these ensembles are warm yet fashionable.

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(Left) H&M Double-Breasted Coat, Woven Scarf, Vintage High Jeans and Leather Loafers (Right) H&M Oversized Sweatshirt, Paper-Bag Pants and Boots(Left) H&M Double-Breasted Coat, Woven Scarf, Vintage High Jeans and Leather Loafers (Right) H&M Oversized Sweatshirt, Paper-Bag Pants and BootsH&M Double-Breasted Jacket, Ankle-Length Pants and Woven ScarfH&M Double-Breasted Jacket, Ankle-Length Pants and Woven Scarf
(Left) H&M Padded Jacket, Wide-Cut Satin Dress, Knit Scarf and Ankle Boots (Right) H&M Woven Scarf, Cotton Blouse with Rhinestones, Leather Belt, Slim-Fit Pants High Waist and Boots(Left) H&M Padded Jacket, Wide-Cut Satin Dress, Knit Scarf and Ankle Boots (Right) Woven Scarf, Cotton Blouse with Rhinestones, Leather Belt, Slim-Fit Pants High Waistand BootsH&M Bow-Detail Dress, Woven Scarf and Slim-Fit Pants High WaistH&M Bow-Detail Dress, Woven Scarf and Slim-Fit Pants High Waist(Left) H&M Plumeti Blouse and Vintage High Cropped Jeans (Right) H&M Embroidered Top and Slim-Fit Pants High Waist(Left) H&M Plumeti Blouse and Vintage High Cropped Jeans (Right) H&M Embroidered Top and Slim-Fit Pants High WaistH&M Sweater and Skirt with EmbroideryH&M Sweater and Skirt with Embroidery

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